Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday Bash: September

My birthday is on the 28th of June, and while I do love my birthday, I've always felt that 28 was an oddball number. Maybe because it's a multiple of 7. (I don't like multiples of 7, unless they're 21 or 42. I couldn't tell you why.) I never seem to meet anyone else with a birthday on the 28th, either, despite the statistics, so I decided to celebrate my oddball natal day by featuring items from birthday sellers on the 28th of every month. Here's September!

explore dream discover quote
Explore. Dream. Discover. Love. by quoteology

I wouldn't say that I'm a typography nerd, but I do enjoy nice graphic design. Crisp and neat enough to match just about any decor, and the perfect inspiration for your work space. What's not to love?

hand massage
Vintage Super Massage Hand Vibrator from Feeling is Mutual Vintage

Words cannot even begin to describe how amazing this is. I want it just for the kitsch value. If it relaxes my exhausted hands, even better!

sea glass pendant
Teal Green Sea Glass Pendant from Vintage Faerie

Sea glass is a really fascinating, beautiful process, and Vintage Faerie has captured some of the loveliest results with her assorted sea glass pendants. They come in all kinds of colors, but green is my favorite. Even if it is one of the most common varieties.

Happy Birthday quoteology, Feeling is Mutual, and Vintage Faerie!

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