Monday, February 21, 2011

Sewing Project: Mexican Fisherman Trousers

I mentioned months ago some awesome pants I bought while I was in Costa Rica, my multi-step Mexican Fisherman Trousers:

Unfortunately, I didn't have the space to properly photodocument them. Now I do! Here is a more detailed deconstruction for my seamstress friends.

First of all, the pants are basically two identical pieces of rayon sewn together on (part of) one side. Each piece is rectangular: about three feet by four feet or so. One of the short sides has a narrow parabola cut into it; this is the crotch. This is the only place where the pieces are sewn together.

fisherman trousers

To phrase it another way: you are looking at one leg of a pair of trousers that's been cut from the ankle all the way to the waist.

There are strings attached to the top corners of each piece of fabric, making four ties in all. They're fairly generously long.

fisherman trousers

So: a fairly straightforward sewing project. If I can get the sewing machine working again (I recall it crapping out on me in the midst of a high school Halloween costume), I might try to make a pair on my own with something a little more...interesting:

And for $4.99 / yard, that's not a bad price for a funky new pair of pants!

If anyone does want to try and wants more/better pictures for reference, let me know and I'll be glad to provide them!

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