Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Winter is Coming? No, Easter is Coming!

And so is Mom's Basement's Easter Egg contest!

Submit a photo of your geeky Easter egg(s), and the winner (determined by vote) gets a whole grab bag of geeky goodies! Even without the temptation of prizes, I just love the idea of geeky Easter eggs. My friends and I are having an Easter picnic this Sunday, complete with egg-dying and egg-decorating supplies, why not geek it up? So far I'm thinking:

  • A Star Wars set
  • A Star Trek: The Original Series set
  • A Doom Patrol set
  • Batman
  • Famous scientists and nerds (Carl Sagan, Brian Cox, and Alan Turing are at the top of my list so far)
  • Appropriate use of brown eggs, so prevalent here in Korea: Neil deGrasse Tyson in the scientists set, Lando Calrissian in Star Wars, Ultimate Nick Fury, Joshua Clay in Doom Patrol, Lt. Uhura in Star Trek...

How are you going to decorate your Easter eggs this year?

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