Monday, May 27, 2013

Finished Project Rae and New Protoype

Project Rae is all finished and comfortably in its new steampunk home now:

Wah! It's evident now that I was too generous in some of my wire measurements, but for something commissioned literally half the world away it came out all right! I love those little mookaite briolettes. Love them!


Rae still needs to post photos of the whole outfit, though. Inquiring minds want to know!

I also finished a new design prototype a few days ago. The idea dawned on me out of nowhere while I was talking to my boss. I was so determined to remember it that I sketched the idea on the back of my paystub. True story.

After making some style decisions based on input from others, I sat down to work. After three hours of work, I had an end result:

Apologies for the headless modeling.

The whole thing.

In short, it's another variation on a standard pi necklace. If you're new here or need a refresher on how I typically incorporate numbers into my work, see this guide on how to find the numbers.

All caught up? Cool. This new idea is so simple that I'm surprised it took me five years to think of it. Basically, instead of counting beads, this necklace counts strands. Starting from the "top" in the bottom picture, there are three strands (three separate pieces of chain), a jump ring to separate, and then one strand (of large pink beads), another jump ring to separate, four strands of random seed beads, a jump ring to separate, one strand of the one white bead, a last jump ring to separate, and then five separate lengths of chain. I'm headless-modelling it so you can get a sense of the relative size of everything and how it sits on a human.

I'm excited about this design for a few reasons. One, it'll be a good use for all the seed beads I have laying around. Two, it has the potential to be a very manly style, if executed correctly. Three, it'll also be a good way to incorporate more chain into my work. Much as I love beads, having a variety of styles is important. Besides, sometimes I just feel like cutting some chain, opening and closing a few jump rings, and calling it a day.

As for the overall effect, though, I don't know. Sometimes you get so caught up in your own ideas you can't be an objective, impartial judge of them anymore. What say you, Internet?


  1. Rae hasn’t completed the whole outfit! In fact… it’s pretty much non-existent (half finished pants, half-finished corset, nothing more). The background in the photo was just some fabric draped on the dress form.

    I love how the brooch/skirt stay turned out, though. I think some of the slack can be fixed by fiddling with the linkage and placement on the gears. I was so proud of myself at finally painting the gear structure, that I had to slap the beads on and take photos. In fact, the first time around, I had it all on backward; had to redo it all and retake the photos. It also still needs a pin or something on the back to secure it to whatever it’s worn on.

    I think the gears need a bit of patina… the color is a bit flat right now. But regardless, it is a great accessory for my totally unfinished sewing project :)

  2. While I'm glad the skirt stay is all done, I hope you get around to finishing the whole project. It's such a cool idea...!