Thursday, August 8, 2013

Etsy Finds: SiSi J Couture

Ages ago, I came across a "baseball cuff" on Pinterest. In particular, this one from HandMarkedMetals on Etsy:

Lawyer Mom is a huge baseball and Phillies fan, so I put it on my "Things to Show Mom" board and went about my business.

When her birthday finally came up, I had no better idea so I went back to the pin to buy it off Etsy. But: horrors! It was gone! The shop has since closed. So I searched for other baseball cuffs on Etsy. When one came up with a Phillies bottle cap, I knew it would be the one to get. That one ended up coming from SiSi J Couture.

Baseball Cuff With Bottlecap Centerpiece by SiSi J Couture

I was really pleased with the craftsmanship on this piece: all of the beading is solid and the bottlecap is pretty solidly attached (I was worried about it falling off during shipping or through use, but it's held up quite well). Lawyer Mom was over the moon.

Ignore the crumbs. It was lunchtime.

SiSi J Couture does lots of bow work and frills that, while not my normal cup of tea, are rather cute and also very professional-looking. My favorite, though, are the baseball cuffs. She also does custom baseball cuffs too, so you can rep your own team's pride!

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