Friday, February 14, 2014

New Style Prototype: Pi Y-Style Necklace

The fun thing about making treasuries for my birthstones series is that I occasionally stumble on some really inspiring jewelry. That was the case in my latest post on aquamarine; I just fell in love with the cluster-y, "dripping with gems" style of this necklace by BlueRoomGems:

Aquamarine Necklace by BlueRomGems on Etsy
Y-style necklaces are hardly new, but for some reason I had never considered them a style that would really work well with what I did until I stumbled across this. I couldn't get the idea out of my head and a couple weeks later, here we are:

math jewelry pi necklace y style
Mookaite Y-style Pi Necklace

This is just an early prototype version, made with things I had on hand. That's why you'll notice the wrapped loops are a different color (and metal) from the chain. Unfortunately, the aluminum chain I used isn't the sturdiest—it's much more decorative than structural—so a proper version available for sale will have to wait until I restock my chain stores. 

Yes, there's pi in there as well, though with some variation: from left to right, it reads 31415951413. The "9" is the dangle, around which I've placed the previous five digits according to mirror symmetry. Future designs I might opt for a more asymmetrical design that keeps 9 in the dangle, but continues on to 26535 on the right hand side. 

I love the general look of it though, and I love the mish-mash of warm mookaite colors. I can't wait to get some tougher chain in so I can make versions I feel comfortable about other people wearing.

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