Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pinterest Post: Punjammies and International Princess Project

Usually on Wednesdays (or every other Wednesday) I do a "What I('m) Read(ing)" post, and I do have one book I'm reading (Tropic of Cancer) and one book I just finished (White Teeth) that I want to talk about, but right now my blogging time is somewhat limited as I play hostess to a visiting friend. So, instead, a quick word about a package I just got!

When I packed for Stockholm, I brought one pair of winter pajama bottoms (warm, fleecy) and two pairs of all-purpose, year-round pajama bottoms (jersey knit bottoms from Target). One of the bottoms dated back to my junior year of college and so after many years of faithful service, had to be sent to the rubbish bin. Not to the donation bin; they were well beyond donating.

 In a nutshell: I was in the market for some lounge-around-the-house wear.

Then I remembered a great website I had found via Pinterest: Punjammies.

I had wanted a pair since I first saw the pin (and first realized they had items that would even fit me), but put it off because I didn't need any at the time. I ordered a pair the same day I had to retire my tan capri coulettes. I got a pair like this, only without the border on the bottom:

Aamani Punjammies

They are comfy, lightweight and fit wonderfully (a miracle for someone with my hips), though they are regular cotton instead of the stretchy jersey knit I've grown accustomed to. Anyway, the point of this post isn't that these are spectacular loungewear, even though they are. The point is that the proceeds go to the International Princess Project, a group in India that seeks to end human trafficking and provides former sex workers with a new trade (sewing), the chance to use it to earn a fair wage, and the environment needed to heal, mentally and physically, from their experiences. 

Priya Punjammies

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