Thursday, April 7, 2011

Feedback time: Tectonic Plate Pendant(s)

I did the first mock-up of my Mad Scientists of Etsy April theme challenge (plate tectonics) item: the Filippino Plate, one of the three plates that meet under Japan.

The real version, if I get around to it, will be cut out of metal. But I did a version in clay first so I could get an idea of what a thing of that size and shape would look like. I think it needs some pizzazz, so I'm going to add some kind of kanji character to the design (on the Filippino plate; the other two plates are large enough that I'm going to draw/cut out the Japanese islands). These are the only two appropriate ones I can think of:

I'm leaning towards the top one because I'm more clear on the meaning and because it's simpler. Corrections on my interpretations, or suggestions for other characters, are much, much appreciated.


  1. I'd go with strength. I also hope this isn't rude to say, but it seems like the left cheek is a bit smoother than the drawing. It looks like the drawing is a little sharper and juts out a little more.

  2. I just really, really, REALLY suck at working with polyclay. I really, really do. So yeah, some of the detail and precision is definitely lost in the clay.

    If I had shellac'd the outline on wax paper I had on to metal and had sawed it out and filed it down, the work would be a lot more accurate (I also used another, more complicated image for the plate than the one posted, which is another reason for differences between them).