Thursday, October 16, 2014

Read Play Blog October: Halloween!

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What game character would you like to be for Halloween?

I'm actually out of costume ideas for Halloween this year, which is unusual for me. I'm pulling together a few things from my closet and going as a cowboy (because I will be out this year, not like last year where I stayed in with JV and some friends and watched Nicolas Cage movies). I guess you could kind of read it as John Marston from Red Dead Redemption, but since I've never played the game I can't really claim any sort of costume cred. I think I'd like to play it, but I am fail at aiming. Which is too bad because Red Dead Redemption, GTA San Andreas, and the Saints Row games look like so much fun! Argh.

One year in high school—I think it must have been senior year, in any case it was right when Wind Waker had come out—I was Link, and I went pretty hardcore with that. I made a slap-dash green tunic and hat (with a sewing machine and everything) and shield, bought a sword and a blonde wig, and carried a boomerang and a bottle of red fruit juice with me. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of that costume!

Otherwise the games I like to play have totally customizable and thus totally unrecognizable characters (Demon's Souls, Fallout 3) or they have an epic loot system (Diablo 3, War in the North) which makes a recognizable character impossible because there's just too much to choose from. I do like Marcassin's outfit in Ni no Kuni. If I had to pick a character from a recentish game to cosplay I think it'd be him. He's not the world's most interesting character, but I like his look.

But I can't top this freaking awesome cosplay!


I have been totally immersed in Diablo 3 so I will recommend War in the North for all you Diablo-style loothounds. That's what JV and I played before he picked up Diablo 3 and it's equally as satisfying. It takes place in the Lord of the Rings universe so the book parallel is pretty obvious! You play as a human/dwarf/elf team working in parallel to Frodo and the Fellowship to take down evil in Middle Earth. Yeah!!


  1. I suck at Red Dead SO BAD. I also feel like I'd really like it if I wasn't so terrible at it! I think Saints Row is way easier (especially on PC), and you know how much I love those. I had to settle with watching the boyfriend play Red Dead, hahah.

    1. The PC controls probably help a lot but I am really persnickety about which games I play on PC (read as: only Minecraft and Battle for Wesnoth), so.... :C

      Maybe I just need a training montage! Hahhah