Monday, January 9, 2017

Newly Listed: Blue Fiber Optic Earrings

Digging through all of my Kokoba Alpha Releases has yielded a lot of fiber optic jewelry. Some of it I still like; some of it I cannibalized for new work. These earrings are some of the latter.

Fiber optic computer science earrings by Kokoba
This find very nicely coincides with my discovery of the cybertwee aesthetic. I'm not the femme-iest feminist that ever feministed, but I'm all for an aggressively femme-y takeover of the cyberpunk aesthetic, if only because it might well annoy people I enjoy annoying. And these earings fit right in with this takeover.

Fiber optic earrings
The beads in these earrings, like my other computer science jewelry, are made from the same optical fibers that power today's Internet, making them a great gift for your favorite blogger/gamer/coder/Internet junkie. Optical fibers been used in beads for (probably?) longer than they've been used in telecom, as they have that distinctive "cat's eye" light effect. The beads used here date back to at least the 80s, I'm pretty sure.

And for your reading pleasure, the cybertwee manifesto.

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