Monday, May 25, 2015

Bat Love

You may or may not remember that I have a long-time love of bats (it comes from working in a cave) and a concern with the killer White Nose Syndrome that's devastating bat populations across North America.

Researchers have finally successfully treated a bat with WNS! YASSSSSSSSS!

Image courtesy Ann Froschauer/USFWS
So cute! How could anyone be scared of these guys?

Just as importantly, Ireland legalized same-sex marriage by popular vote. While I'm of the school of thought that holds that rights are something that should be granted as a matter of course, never voted on, I'm glad that the voters in Ireland turned out in a celebration of love. If it takes a popular vote to make a moral right a legal reality, so be it.

Courtesy The Department for Culture, Media and Sport
It was a good week last week and hopefully this continues!

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