Friday, July 10, 2015

Five Fandom Friday: 5 Spinoffs I'd Like To See

Image courtesy Katelyn Jade

It's that time again—5 Fandom Friday! This week's questions are about spin-offs. Let's just say that I have some opinions...

5. Anything else in the Jade Empire universe. Literally anything.

I love the hell out of this game. How many times can I say that? Infinite, I guess. This one would be more of a sequel than a spinoff but I don't even care. BioWare needs to back off the Mass Effect/Dragon Age/KotOR cash cows and do more with this brilliant world/combat system they created...ten years ago. *cries into her beer*

4. Gamora's origins story (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Though without the "rape as a tragic back story" trope, please.

3. Speaking of ensemble movies, can we please just have a fucking Black Widow movie already? (Avengers)

I'm counting it as a spinoff since it would be a standalone movie after the ensemble one.

2. Whatever the hell Troy is doing (Community)

He's on a boat with LeVar Burton, after all. They must be getting up to some wacky adventures (besides getting captured by pirates).

1. Also, whatever the hell Shirley is doing (Community)

Or the parody spinoff they proposed at the beginning of season 6. I'd watch that, too. (I can't watch the new Odd Couple reboot, though; I love Yvette Nicole Brown but not enough to beg for crumbs of a bit part in a show that's painfully unfunny.)

What spin-offs would you love to see?


  1. A Gamora story would be great!

    1. Right? Like she definitely has a lot going on.

  2. Yes yes yes Gamora and Black Widow!!! <3 Love it! (I should have had include them into my list, but I could only choose 5... some day I'll start cheating :p )

    1. It seems like Black Widow is a popular choice this week!

  3. I'd love to watch a show based around Troy! I included a Troy and Abed in the Morning spinoff on my list because those two favorite<3 But man, getting to see what he's up to now would be awesome!

    1. Troy and Abed in the Morning would be great, too! That would be perfect as a web series, I think.