Friday, August 28, 2015

Five Fandom Friday: 5 Real-Life Geeks Who Inspire You

Today's 5 Fandom Friday (brought to you by Super Space Chick and Nerdy Girlie) is a good one. A couple of the last questions haven't really been my thing, plus I've been busy, but this week's prompt has me back in the swing of things.

5 Real-Life Geeks Who Inspire Me

1. Lawyer Mom

Image courtesy Marcin Wysmulek/
Not pictured, because it's just weird to post a picture of Lawyer Mom here. Enjoy this mama horse and her foal? colt? instead.

I did not appreciate all of the badass things my mom did (going to school for engineering in the 70s, working at Bell Labs in the 80s, continuing her career after having kids, opening her own business when she was dissatisfied with her job at AT&T) until I was an adult, but now that I'm adult I can say holy shit I could never do that. In addition to being a badass, Lawyer Mom is also a geek (bookworm, Trekkie, Jeopardy! fiend) with a huge heart. She was and is the perfect mom for me.

2. JV

JV is also not pictured (again, weird; enjoy our shadows from a trip to Finland), and also not mentioned much, but he is just as much an inspiration as Lawyer Mom. JV and I have been together a long time, considering our ages (12 years!) and I can safely say I would not be who I am without him. In addition to being an incurable video game addict and East Asian horror movie fan, he is a wellspring of patience, good nature, tolerance, and empathy. I could go on but suffice it to say that I am really lucky to have him in my life.

3. Anita Sarkeesian

Image courtesy Anita Sarkeesian and Wikimedia.

I wonder if this will trigger any outraged comments from the ~*~gaemergaet~*~ crowd. On the other hand, who cares?

No one would spend so much time and effort publicly discussing video games if they didn't like them, and that's just how it is. It's sad that I can sit here and say that Sarkeesian is brave for putting her opinion out there, because you shouldn't have to be brave just to voice an opinion, but that's how it goes, I guess. I can barely muster the courage to respond to ignorant Facebook comments, never mind being a public figure. Let me buy you a drink, girlfriend.

4. Ellen Pao

I'm just going to leave this here:

(Another GIMP masterpiece by JV. One of many reasons I love him.)

5. Neil deGrasse Tyson

I mean, he's Neil deGrasse Tyson. 'nuff said.


  1. Yayyy Anita <3 Honestly sometimes I don't agree with EVERYTHING she says, but she's still really badass and I love that she keeps doing her thing no matter how much shit gets thrown at her.

    1. She gets so much shit I'm surprised she hasn't just lost her goddamn mind. I don't always agree with her, either, but I think there comes a point where you face so much opposition you either give up or double down.

  2. Haha, I love that Ellen Pao masterpiece! So perfect. I definitely agree that Anita Sarkeesian is an inspirational lady. Just thinking about Gamergate pisses me off and I think it takes a lot of courage to stand up to the bullshit. Your mom also sounds like a total badass, by the way:)

    Side note, can you delete my deleted comment up there when you get a chance? I used my personal google account on accident-___-

    1. No problem. ^_^

      My mom is very much a badass, though she would never admit as much herself! I'm sure there's a lot of idiocy she's had to put up with that she's never told me about because it was just like "brush that dirt off yo' shoulder" or whatever.