Sunday, May 15, 2016

ArmchairBEA 2016, Day 5: Wrap-Up

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Real talk, y'all: I had way too much wine while I was watching EuroVision last night and I am feeling it today. While I'm bummed that EuroVision meant I missed out on Saturday's Twitter chat, it was good to go out and socialize with people and watch OTT musical performances. JV is not really into EuroVision anymore ("It was fun when I was a kid," he explained), so I hadn't really watched any of the previous years (or Sweden's national "let's decide who we send to EuroVision" event, Melodifestivalen), but now I'm a convert. One step closer to being a true Swede!

I'm not mad about Ukraine winning—in fact I'm enjoying the rage and seething about how "politics isn't allowed in EuroVision"—but my favorite performer by far was Australia's Im Dami. Girl nailed it.

So I'm writing this wrap-up post feeling cozy and a little post-boozing regretful. After a week or two of absolutely summery weather, today has been gray and drizzly, but far from being depressing, that's actually perfect. JV is out of town for the weekend so I have our tiny apartment to myself, and oh gosh, it's nice, in a way. Sometimes I just really need to be alone for a while. But I also miss cuddles. I guess I'm just a bundle of contradictory moods today.

This year I didn't participate in any of the ArmchairBEA Twitter chats, which is a bummer because I feel like that's how I find the coolest new book bloggers to follow. I'm sitting here nursing my hangover with some fruit juice and clicking through all of the intros in the ArmchairBEA Day 1 link-up post, but it's not the same. That said: over 100 participants! Damn!! But I've already found quite a few new book bloggers to add to my feed, and I'll probably keep going through that post for the next few days. (Reminder! Make sure you have a validated and working RSS feed! A few bloggers I've wanted to add don't have that sorted and that's too bad, because I can't be fucked to remember to visit your site or use BlogLovin' in addition to my regular RSS reader, Inoread.)

I was lucky enough to win one of the daily giveaways, though! (Which I totally would have missed if Natalie hadn't alerted me to it, oop.) I'll be getting the Exilon 5 trilogy in ebook format. It looks like it'll be great commute reading, though I should probably finish my other commute reading first. Guess who now spends her commute fiddling with Fallout Shelter instead of reading her ebooks...

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