Saturday, March 4, 2017

Friday 5 on Saturday: Something's Astir

What did you last use a spatula for?


One of my Swedish friends here was an exchange student in the US when he was younger, and somehow the question of kitchen implements came up often. It turned out that his host family didn't really know what to call anything, either, so any unknown kitchen implement was just immediately labeled "spatula."

What did you last use your can opener for?

We don't even have a can opener!

What did you last pick up with a pair of tongs?

I don't think we even have tongs? So probably a baked good at the store or Pressbyran.

What did you last use a ladle for?

Chili, I think.

What did you last stir with a wooden spoon?

Some boiling pasta, to get it to settle down a little.

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