Saturday, June 12, 2010

Spotted!: Math Rings by Holmescraft

Treasury East has been busted for me for a while, but today it was finally up and running! To celebrate, I put together a "Science Genius Girl" treasury.

There's a lot of neat stuff in there that I want to talk about (or have already!), but I'm going to take this entry just to talk about Holmescraft. She makes all kinds of creative, beautiful wrapped ring designs, but the ones that interest me the most are the math ones.

Gold-Filled Picture Jasper Fibonacci Ring

fibonacci ring

Sterling Silver Amazonite Pi Ring

pi ring

Holmescraft's wirework is exquisite. Wire-wrapped rings are among my favorite items to admire, because the handiwork always looks so delicate and finely-done. Working on such a small scale can be tricky, and it takes patience and dedication to pull it off. Add some math into the mix, and well! Something to sit on my wishlist. :) (Schooling myself in wire-wrapping is also on my wishlist, so I can try this out.)

Speaking of math, the integration of numbers into these pieces is also creative. I don't see any of the other math jewelry on Etsy coming out very much like hers. (Except, well, mine!) Loads of points and gold stars to Holmescraft for the "creative incorporation of numbers" here, plus it has the subtlety that I really appreciate and try to give to all of my math jewelry. Would you know, to look at her rings, that pi or Fibonacci was sitting in there? Certainly not at first blush. And yet, can you admire the beauty and handiwork there without knowing that it's mathematical? Absolutely!

The other thing I really appreciate about Holmescraft is her use of gemstones. I feature gemstones in most of my work, but when you're making larger-scale items (bracelets, necklaces) that can get pricey. Smaller objects, like rings and earrings, are the perfect place to feature them. Plus, look at that picture jasper! I'm a big fan of the jasper family. Gorgeous.

Her rings fetch for only $16! With high-quality gemstones and precious metal beads and wire wrapping, that's a bargain. My birthday is coming up, after all...

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