Sunday, June 6, 2010

WIP: Algebraic Printing

Whilst traipsing about the internet, I found this article on algebraic weaving. It incorporates math directly into the generation of the art—as opposed to merely parroting or mirroring pre-existing numbers—in a way that I find fascinating. I want to try and move it from weaving to painting, since this seems like something I'd actually be capable of painting. Plus, I don't trust my weaving skills so much yet.

I did a proof of concept on graph paper with colored pencils. I scanned it in and really quickly blocked over the colors in the GIMP so you can get a sense of what it "should" look like. I didn't get a chance to finish out this particular expression before the paper ran out, so it's complete along the long edge but not along the short edge.

My idea is to break up one large algebraic grid into four or nine smaller pieces. This makes them more marketable in terms of economics (smaller canvas + less paint = cheaper painting) and also in terms of aesthetics (splitting the larger grid into smaller canvases creates an interesting asymmetrical look on the individual canvases). I don't know the first thing about painting, though. This project is going to take a little bit of research.

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