Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Funny How That Works

It's funny how one random link on the Internet can carry you so far. Like when I saw a link to Sheril Kirshenbaum's post on Intersection about an incident in the science blogland that's unfolding as we speak.

I am investing a lot of time and thought into responding, mostly to one in particular: Preliator pro Causa. Don't ask me why that one, I couldn't tell you. Maybe because it was the first opposing viewpoint I came across in a list of responses? Don't know. Anyway, my comments there are all attributed to "Kokoba" and I listed my website as this blog, so that's how you can know it's me.

Sooner or later I will post up a distillation of my thoughts on everything that's been going on. Until then, feel free to peruse the hullabaloo and leave your thoughts here.

What's your experience on sexism in math and science? Does the incident at CommonSenseAtheism qualify as sexism? What would you think about being included on a list of "Sexy Scientists/Mathematicians"?


  1. Hai thar. I've been following your discussion on Preliator, beating your head against Joe's wall, and I've been impressed with what you say and how you say it. Thanks for all your efforts. I'll Look forward to reading your post on this.

    For the record, here's how I would answer your questions. From what I've seen sexism is rampant in M&S but I'm not speaking from personal experience so my opinion's not worth much.
    Luke's post at CSA was skeevy, yes and a little sexist.

  2. Thanks! My educational background is in English and Philosophy, so I think that helps a lot in being able to efficiently deconstruct incidents like this.

    Hopefully I'll have my reaction up today but I tend towards verbosity (as my multiple comments at Preliator can attest to) AND getting things "just so," so it might take a while.