Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spotted!: Karla Wheeler's Metal Etchings

Karla Wheeler's Copper Pi etched cuff is really super cool!

I love big chunky cuff bracelets and I think the world needs more of them. I also love geeky bracelets and I think the world needs more of them. So how could I not love this?! Plus I really admire anyone who works with metal. The detail on this bracelet is astounding. Just think about how much time went into etching all of those numbers.

Most of Ms. Wheeler's designs shy away from straight-up geeky, though they're all neat unique and chunky fun things. (Note to self: "Chunky Fun Things" would be a great band name.) I guess that's geeky in a way, right? Certainly a lot of geeks I know would qualify as "chunky fun things." ;) Like, I really dig this big bright ring:

She does have one other neat & explicitly geeky one, though. This neat binary code necklace.

It spells "life," for those of you unfamiliar with binary. Geeky, and inspirational too!

This Spotted! post brought to you by an impromptu visit from my (male) BFF, the number pi, and the letter p, for procrastinate. More questions with Lawyer Mom forthcoming, but this weekend all of my energy/time is going towards the 61st Annual Tinicum Arts Festival. If you're in the Philly/NYC metro, swing by and say hello!

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