Friday, August 27, 2010

WIP: 42 Day Swag

October 10th marks 42 Day, the only date for the next hundred years or so that can be written as 10/10/10. 101010 happens to be 42 in binary.

(Unaware of the significance of 42? Here's the answer to your question about the answer.) I'm prepping by shifting my focus away from math and chemistry and on to Douglas Adams.

Unfortunately, I am pretty bad at clay-sculpting. (Either that or I need better tools. I can't tell.) Before I make another attempt at a Babelfish, I want something a bit low-key. So I present the first step of my DNA Polymer Bits v 2.0:

The wavy orange parallelogram at the top is a towel before the screw-eyes, terrycloth stamping, and stripes painted on. Everything else will eventually have text that either reads 42 or Don't Panic. I could go a couple different directions with those:

  1. Paint on the text.
  2. Write on the text in Sharpie.
  3. Stamp in the text.
What do you think?

There's also the question of if I should, sand, glaze or just let them be. This tutorial about faux ceramic effects in polymer clay seems simple enough, and the results are really cool. Shiny, matte, or faux-ceramic?

What are you doing for 42 day?


  1. Definitely stamp and then paint. That would look very good indeed.
    I like shiny so I would go for glazing.
    Are you on flickr?
    If so can you put pictures of the finished items on the 42day flickr group?

  2. I absolutely can! I just need to go out today and get stamping tools and glaze. :D