Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Birthday Bash: December

I have been remiss in keeping up the Birthay Bash posts. But what better time to reintroduce the series than near Christmas? My own father has a birthday near Christmas (January 2) and so I'm well-acquainted with the frustration of your private gift-giving holiday coinciding with perhaps the biggest one of the year!

So a happy December 28th birthday to Virginie of Roland Designs!

Virginie has a huge variety of goods in her shop: patterns, finished cross-stitches, jewelry, and cellphone charms, just to name a few. They all have an elegant vintage theme to them, perfect for when you want a little extra dash of class. She's a multi-talented lady, too: in addition to creating her own cross-stitch patterns, she crochets and makes jewelry, too! That's more than I can do...yet.

Crochet Rose Hair Pins
Pink Rose Hair Pins

These would be the perfect finishing touch to a cute little summertime outfit (even if it's still a cold and snowy December here on the East Coast).

Silver Pearl Cluster Earrings
Sterling Silver and Pearl Earrings

I can just imagine wearing these to the opera, or a fancy upscale New Year's Eve party. Cluster earrings like these are among my favorite styles, even though I don't actually wear earrings. So graceful! So classy!

Medieval Cross Stitch Pattern
"Le Moyen Age" Cross Stitch Pattern PDF

I actually used to cross-stitch when I was very young. Nothing fancy, but my mom showed me how and would let me work on a few bits of her projects sometimes. Crocheting never stuck, but cross-stitch did. So I have a soft spot in my heart for cross-stitch projects, and doubly-so for the commemorative birth/baptism/etc ones like this. My mom made ones for both me and my brother, and it's one of the few decorations that's hung in my room literally my entire life. Something like this would stay with a child (son, daughter, niece, friend's son, grandchild, whatever you have) forever. Besides, what little kid doesn't enjoy fairy tales about knights slaying dragons and rescuing princesses?

cartoon viking pins
Viking Buttons

These, though, may be my favorite. Virginie is based out of Norway, and what is Norway's number one export? Vikings, of course! And look how adorable these guys are! So much friendlier than the kind that used to plunder and pillage all over the world. My own boyfriend is Swedish, so Vikings and Norse history/mythology has a special place in my heart.

So Roland Designs has something for everyone, crafter or buyer alike. Stop by and take a gander when you're in the mood for a little old-fashioned elegance!

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