Saturday, December 18, 2010

Finished: Viking Knit Project

My best friend is a chemist. For her birthday, I offered to make her a custom Avogadro's number (6.0221415 x 1023) necklace. That was in early September. I just finished it last night. Oops!

chemistry necklace

The lampwork beads were, in turn, a custom job from a friend/former co-worker, Nancy Sala of Kaleidoglass Studios. She does beautiful work all the time, and this was no exception.

Bead by Nancy Sala

This also marks the first of my finished Viking knit projects (the gold-colored wire part). I learned how to do it back in August, but I never used the finished knit for anything before (just for practice ones). Now I'm working on a copper double-knit for a potential order from Twitter. The question is: to patina, or not to patina?

Viking knit, by the way, is super-easy to do, turns out very cool, and also gets you a nice, gender-neutral chain result. All you need is wire (from any craft store) and a dowel rod. Tape is useful too, but I find I can manage without it.

Viking Knit How-To:

Viking Knit Supplies:

  • Heather Ferman does custom endcap orders. I haven't ordered from her personally (I had picked up others before I caught wind of her), but I've seen her work and it's quite good. My friend who taught me Viking Knit orders from her and has been satisfied every time.
  • Nancy Sala, like I mentioned before, does wonderful things. Lampwork beads can be pricey when you start purchasing sets, but Viking Knit pieces (especially bracelets or anklets) are great for showcasing just one bead at at time.
  • Koregon on Etsy also has nice lampwork beads; unfortunately they only ship in the US at this time.
  • Wire you can get just about anywhere. I buy mine at Gilman's here in Hellertown; I know others without a local source order from Rio Grande Suppliers.
  • If you want to get a bit fancy, you can use liver of sulfur on your finished (silver or copper) chain for a colored patina—very vintage and rugged-looking. Here is a video tutorial on YouTube. Mine I can get, again, at Gilman's. I don't think I see it much in big box craft stores, but Rio Grande Supplies carries it, so you can order from them.

Happy knitting!

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