Monday, February 27, 2012

Music Monday: Go Down Gamblin'

Once in a while a song I haven't heard in years jumps into my head for no real reason. This Music Monday selection is one of them, from my band geek high school days (low brass represent!). Blood Sweat & Tears has always been one of my top bands of their era, one that should be more remembered than it is ,and this one is definitely one of their more underappreciated offerings. You rarely ever hear this on the classic rock or oldies radio stations. "Spinning Wheel" is about the only song of theirs that ever gets any air time.

Anyway, not only does this song rock out loud (David Clayton Thomas is a tremendous vocalist), but it has what is probably the greatest tuba solo in the history of music, rock or otherwise.

Yeah, that's right. Tuba solo.

Skip ahead to about 1:22 for the low brass face-melting awesomeness.

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