Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Teaching Outfit One

Because I'm too lazy to do any fashion self-portraiture, and because I'm already in my PJs, here's a Polyvore collection of what I wore today. This is an outfit I probably wear once a week, at least. (I packed pretty light coming over to Korea, so I repeat my outfits a lot.)

What's the same:

  • The cut and color of the gaucho trousers.
  • The color of the sneakers.
  • The shape of the cardigan.
  • The shape of the watch face and the mechanics of the cuff.
  • The t-shirt is the same shade of yellow.

What's different:

  • My glasses aren't sunglasses, of course, but Polyvore doesn't seem to understand the sheer cuteness of regular glasses so there you have it. They're also greener in the frames.
  • The cardigan I have is far more drab green than bright forest green.
  • My trousers are ankle-length. They also have an elastic waistband, without buttons or fasteners.
  • My shoes aren't Pumas.
  • My bolo tie is a piece of unakite my boss' husband set for me, but again—difficult to find bolo ties on Polyvore! The color family is close, though.
  • Instead of the adorable peanut butter and jelly hug graphic, my t-shirt (a discount find at BangBang, a large Korean clothing chain) has a brown print of a camera and some random Engrishee text.

I think I might make this kind of post a regular deal. What people wear is interesting, right? I think it is, at least. Also I like the challenge of trying to match items on Polyvore to the items in my wardrobe.

What did you wear today?

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