Saturday, March 10, 2012

Science Saturday: Brian Cox, Science Rockstar

This one is an hour long, but Professor Brian Cox: A Night With the Stars is great. Professor Cox is like a cross between young Mick Jagger and young Carl Sagan and he demonstrates important concepts of quantum mechanics with ease and enthusiasm. Also, bonus points for celebrity experiment helpers.

The good: Professor Cox is an enthusiastic and gifted speaker, and he provides cogent and intuitive explanations of basic quantum concepts.

The bad: I wish it were longer!

One interesting fact: Not a fact as such, but the demonstration of the double slit experiment early on in  the talk is the best explanation I've ever seen given about why the results of that are as important and intriguing as they are.

Would recommend? Heartily! But it's a long one, so hunker down with a blanket and some snacks.

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