Friday, July 20, 2012

Foodie Friday: Shakshuka

I missed the last Foodie Friday. I have no good excuses, except I was busy.

Busy making Shakshuka!

This is a really easy recipe. Really. It takes ten minutes, maybe longer if you like your eggs quite dry. There's precious little cleanup involved, too. It's a great anytime food. And did I mention it's delicious?

In short: this is going into my forever repertoire, and it should go in yours, too.

Shakshuka - eggs in a spicy tomato sauce
This is The Shiksa in the Kitchen's Shakshuka, not mine.

I found the time to photograph it, but not to write about it. So you get it a week later.

I first found this recipe on Pinterest, from Shiksa in the Kitchen. It's easy-peasy, but I'm lazy so I make a few alterations.

The most notable one is that I blend an onion with gochujang (using my life-saving stick blender) instead of just slicing an onion. I'm just lazy, really. Also, in lieu of spices (my spice rack is non-existent), drowning something in gochujang adds flavor just as well. Egg and gochujang make an excellent pair, to boot.

Anyway, while onion-gochujang concoction warms up on the pan, I dice a couple of tomatoes and get my pre-diced peppers out of the fridge.

Load them up on there, and finally I crack a few eggs. The Shiksa's recipe calls for five, but I cook for myself so I just use three. This meal usually lasts me about two or three dinners.

I also add cheese, which The Shiksa doesn't. Haters to the left, bow down before cheese.

Not as pretty as The Shiksa's, but she's had more practice.
Go on, give it a try!

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