Friday, July 27, 2012

Foodie Friday: Vegan Burritos

I'm not a vegan or a vegetarian, but due to my aversion to handling meat a lot of the stuff I make ends up being vegetarian by default (and too much cheese to be vegan).

I was never much of a tofu fan before I came to Korea, but once I had properly prepared tofu I fell in love. I still think it's a terrible meat substitute; instead, what tofu does best is act as a vehicle for sauce. In Korea, it's often soy sauce.

These burritos are vegetables and tofu fried in soy sauce for filler. Choose whatever veggies you want; the most important part is how to prepare to the tofu.

First, you should press the tofu. Leave a book or something else kind of heavy on your block of tofu for ten or fifteen minutes. This gets the water out and allows the tofu to absorb more sauce and therefore more flavor. It goes without saying you should set this up so the water doesn't spill everywhere: put the tofu on a towel, on a plate in the sink, whatever.

To make the burrito construction process easier, I crumbled up the tofu while I fried it (think of ground beef). It ended up looking like this:

And my other ingredients:

First of many, many burritos. These are folded wrong, but the subsequent ones (not pictured) I folded correctly. 

I also added some gochujang for flavor, because I can never get enough gochujang.

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