Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Astronomy and Public Art

Today I learned that the largest to-scale model of the solar system in the world is here in Sweden: the Sweden Solar System. A very dull name for a very creative project.

The Sweden Solar System isn't something in a museum, or a park. It spans the nearly the entire country, and includes comets, dwarf planets, and other night sky wanderers, in addition to the usual planets:

Sweden's nationwide to-scale model of the solar system.
I live within walking distance of the sun.

The Sweden Solar System is the brainchild of physicist Nils Brenning and  astronomer Gösta Gahm. Numerous artists have contributed to the project. Here is a rundown of all the current members of the Sweden Solar System, if you want to read more about them (in English). I love the level to which the artists and others involved committed themselves to "properly" representing the planet. Mercury, for example, is heated, a nod to its high temperature (second-highest of all the planets) and proximity to the sun.

I think I might make it a goal to visit all of the planets—this should come as no surprise if you've been following along for any stretch of time. My love of astronomy is pretty self-evident.

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  1. That's delightful! I'll definitely have to check that out a bit if I ever get to Sweden :-)