Monday, May 12, 2014

Beaded "Chan Luu" Wrap Bracelet: First Experiment

I will be the first to admit that I never keep up with trends. This is potentially bad news for someone who makes and designs jewelry—you don't want to be making dowdy old whatsits when everyone has moved on to thingamabobs.

My philosophy has always been that I like what I like, and what I make for my store is primarily what I would make for myself. Sure, some pieces are harder to part with than others, but everything you see in the Kokoba Etsy shop is something I would have in my own jewelry wardrobe.

Except earrings, because I don't have pierced ears.

I can't remember the first time I saw one of these wrapped bracelets (a style attributed to Vietnamese designer Chan Luu), but when I did I was in love. It was this one:

Turquoise and leather wrap bracelet from byjodi on Etsy.
Turquoise and Leather Wrap Bracelet from byjodi on Etsy.

Pinterest says I pinned this about a year ago, so there you have it. I don't know why I put off learning how to do it for so long—I think the thread involved intimidated me, to be honest, because anything approaching beadweaving just makes me panic. I finally conquered my fear, and here is the result!

It is obviously the work of a beginner, with a few small mistakes, so I'm uneasy about selling it. Plus, I love the colors of the round red creek jasper beads paired with my long-time favorite mookaite. Even with the mistakes it might just be too lovely to part with. Guess I'll just have to make some more to share! It also, of course, includes the digits of pi. The round red creek jasper beads spell out the digits of pi, while the mookaite barrels act as spacers. Next time I might try to stick to beads that are more or less the same size; the barrels are a bit longer than the round ones and so there is some weirdness going on in places as a result.

If you are a crafty person and want to give it the old college DIY try, the best tutorial I found was this video from Beads n Things in Rochester, NY (a store I'm not affiliated with, but I wanted to pimp them out because this is a solid how-to vid):

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