Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pinterest Post: Fibonacci Circles; Weird Childbirth Patent; MST3K Melon Ball

If you're not following me on Pinterest, well, why not?! Then you can get all these (and more!) in your life as soon as I find them. But—not every website is for everyone. You'll never find me on Tumblr, that's for damn sure. Here are some of my recent favorites on Pinterest, for those of you who'd rather not:

I've seen Fibonacci spirals before, but I've never seen them fragmented into arcs and then turned into circles. I love it!

I had a high school physics teacher whose mission in life was to eradicate the concept of "centrifugal force" from the "folk physics" paradigm, since it isn't technically a force, so the title of this one makes me cringe even more than it would normally. I showed this to Lawyer Mom and her response was similar: "never, ever in a million years would I have subjected myself to this."

I just like this. That's all. It's almost too well-done to eat.

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