Sunday, July 6, 2014

Etsy Find: Offrandes

Isn't the worst thing about dresses (and, let's be real, most women's trousers, too) the fact that they don't have pockets? I think so. We can all relate to Jennifer Lawrence in this oft-repinned image:

Okay, maybe not about being in Catching Fire. But finding pockets!
Sure, you can always carry a bag, but sometimes a bag just won't do. And until that beautiful day when they start designing dresses with pockets, you can get some gorgeous utility belts from offrandes. I saw this one in my Etsy circles feed and it stopped me dead in my scrolling/clicking tracks:

"B2B.Br" Leather Utility Hip Belt by Offrandes
I clicked through to the shop and was surprised at the variety of designs and styles of "utility hip belts" they had, and how they all managed to look so much nicer than just an awkward leather fanny pack.

"Leaf" Leather Utility Belt by Offrandes

"6.One.Ô" Leather Utility Hip Belt by Offrandes
Offrandes markets mostly to the music festival crowd, but I look at them and I think "flying convenience" too. It's like a super-secret third carry-on bag! Okay, you couldn't fit much in it, but it's always a good idea to divide up your things between your bags so that if one gets lost or stolen, you're not out so much. Plus, you don't have to stow your belt in the overhead compartment or under the seat: you can have your phone, chapstick, and maybe a pocket sudoku and pens right on hand. And credit card, if you feel compelled to order something out of SkyMall. (Does anyone ever shop from that?)

If utility belts aren't your style, offrandes also offers full-on bags:

Leather Messenger Bag by Offrandes
Offrandes is a two-person design team from France. In addition to the belts and bags in their Etsy store, they offer jewelry and apparel for men, women, and infants on their website. They've also just found a new home on my favorites list. 

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