Saturday, April 2, 2016

Skeptic Saturday: Pantene Shampoo Burning Colored Hair?

Another one from Facebook. This time, you shouldn't use budget shampoo and get your hair colored. OR SHOULD YOU?!

If the text is too small:
For the love of anything holy.......PLEASE stop using this crap in your hair! 
I had a client wanting to do a light blonde ombre..... I can do this in my sleep! (And on my [sic] occasions, I have,lol) the application was finished and it was time to sit a [sic] process......
After only ten mins. 
She came up to me telling me her hair is burning..... I felt the foils and... Damn, nearly burned my fingers!!!!!! I opened the packet an smoke comes billowing out........ 
Mind you I have done this clients color for several years with no issue ever.......Iasked the usual questions i.e. Well water, medication etc. the only thing that was there she used Pantene shampoo and conditioner.......
This crap had plastic and silicones in it and when it comes in contact with a bleach or hi-lift color it reacts and the bleach will melt off the build up and becomes a very hot liquid and if it come [sic] in contact with skin it will cause a burn. 
I had two other clients in the past 7 years that this crap called Pantene was the key factor in a serious situation. 
If you are using it and plan to get color done, please throw it away and have your stylist do a detox to get rid of the deposits. 
There is a difference between cheap and salon quality. Do not let anyone lie to you and try to say anything more....... 

Refinery 29 did all the legwork for me on this one: when events like this occur, it's not due to the ingredients in Pantene or other budget shampoos—rather, it's most likely a reaction between ammonia (the coloring agent), sodium hydroxide (an ingredient in hundreds, if not thousands, of shampoos and soaps), and aluminum (the foils), or the result of heavy metals or henna lingering in the hair.

As the cosmetics blog The Beauty Brains pointed out, Pantene and salon brand shampoos have nearly identical ingredients. What's more, they both contain the silicones so roundly denounced in the original post. (Also note that there is nothing in Pantene that would be considered a plastic or would function in the way that the post is implying, i.e. leaving a flammable residue of some kind on your hair. Nor does it contain, or leave behind, wax.)

Buy your budget haircare products without fear!


  1. I wonder if this is why I'm always told not to wash my hair the same day I'm getting it dyed? I used to get it dyed crazy colors, and when I would book my appointment they were always like "don't wash your hair before coming!!!"

    1. Maybe?? I want to say that I've heard dye takes better to slightly oily hair, but maybe that's not the case. (I don't do any fun stuff with my hair, I wouldn't know.)