Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Talky Tuesday: BURFDAY

I'm 30! That's crazy! I'm a full-blown adult now.

It doesn't feel so weird, though. I've been telling people I'm 30 since the beginning of the year just because. I've never been fussed about getting older or my lost youth or so on, so it's not much of a crisis for me.

I'm celebrating today by allowing myself to do nothing. JV is baking my favorite Swedish dessert, and then later this evening I'm heading to town to chat with some Meetup people about conspiracy theories and then get maybe a little toasted on some mead.

Most importantly, here is my birthday cake. Not my actual cake because JV is still working on it as I'm writing it, but a reasonable stand-in:

Image courtesy Erik Borälv
But Firewatch has finally finished downloading so if you'll excuse me, I have a game to play!


  1. Happy birthday!! I remember feeling so bummed when I turned 30 two years ago. Feels like the loss of a lifetime right? Anyway, doesn't feel any different or weird now. I'm sure I will be cribbing when I turn 40.

    1. Thank you!! 40 might finally break me, but so far I'm okay with 30.

  2. Aaaaah happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great day/night :D My birthday is later this month and I'm feeling so ~bleh~ about it. Getting older always reminds me of how bad I am at being an adult hahah. How are you liking Firewatch?? Or since I'm reading this so late maybe you've already finished it? I really enjoyed the gameplay, but the story had too many plot holes for my liking.

    1. Facebook is what reminds me of how bad I am at being an adult. A whole bunch of my friends seem to have conspired to have babies within, like, a week of each other. I'm happy for them (and happy to NOT have kids, like, ever...) but it's still like "everyone else is at a place where they can afford a baby; what are YOU doing????" ;__;

      I only finished the first two days. I get SO LOST, even using the compass, and as usual the FPS perspective means I get only an hour-ish of playtime in before I get a serious headache. But it's spooky so far!