Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Find: LeftBrainRightBrain

I am an incorrigible book lover, and like many book lovers I have a fondness for vintage books in particular. The older the edition, the better—there's just something luxurious and timeless about them. That "old-timey" atmosphere plus the obvious love and appreciation for science is what appeals to me about the pieces in fellow Mad Scientist of Etsy Heidi's shop, LeftBrainRightBrain. They hearken back to an era when science textbooks were still trying to figure everything out.

Vintage Vitamin E Illustration Pendant from LeftBrainRightBrain

In particular, I love the etchings used in the illustrations. There is something charming about an artist's rendition that a photo will never have, no matter how stunning the photograph may be.

1920s Vintage Botany Lotus Pendant from LeftBrainRightBrain

1896 Vintange Flower Anatomy Pendant from LeftBrainRightBrain

But Heidi carries a wider array of pieces than just ("just") science. Here and there you'll also find some cute retro illustrations.

1953 Vintage Singing Schoolgirl Ring from LeftBrainRightBrain

1960 Vintage Juicy Strawberry Illustration Pendant from LeftBrainRightBrain

And some creepy ones. Halloween is coming, you guys!!

1953 Vintage Children's Skull Illustration Ring from LeftBrainRightBrain

Vintage Biology Textbook Skull Keychain from LeftBrainRightBrain

And for the believers among us, some more esoteric, alchemical ones.

Vintage Chemistry Alchemical Tin Symbol Pendant from LeftBrainRightBrain

Vintage Chemistry Alchemical Copper Symbol Pendant from LeftBrainRightBrain

As you can see, Heidi caters to a wide variety of interests and fields in her shop! On the off chance there's nothing there that tickles your fancy, send her a convo—Heidi also does custom orders!

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