Thursday, April 9, 2015

Trek Thursday: I, Mudd

#29: I, Mudd

In case you forgot: The only recurring antagonist of TOS, Harry Mudd manages to use an android to hijack the Enterprise and bring it to a planet populated entirely by androids, intending to leave the Enterprise bridge crew there in his stead (the androids need humans to serve and study, after all) while he takes the Enterprise out all across the galaxy. At the last minute the androids won't let Mudd leave, either, so he teams up with Kirk's gang to outlogic the androids. Twist ending, Mudd gets to stay behind with the androids, including 500 copies of his nagging wife.

The shenanigans and pantomimes at the end are so ridiculous and so stupid that I love them. It totally goes on for longer than it has to, but I ain't even mad. It reminds me of some of the weirdo senior theater projects I saw back in college. Ah, nostalgia.

There's still a lot of holes in this episode, like why is everyone on the Enterprise suddenly so enamored of the idea of remaining eternal captives to the androids? And like so many sequels, "I, Mudd" somehow lacks the same spirit as the original, inspiring source material. Where "Mudd's Women" does edge around some instances of solid drama and pathos, "I, Mudd" is far more goofy.

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