Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday 5: (Im?)potent Potables

Let's take a moment to recall Celebrity Jeopardy! sketches of days past.

Moving on!

What’s your favorite beverage that has chocolate in it?

Hot chocolate and chocolate milk are the two obvious ones that come to mind. Dirty Girl Scout is maybe the best drink. Or shot. However much you want.

What’s your favorite non-citrusy fruit drink?

I don't care much for citrus in general, so all of my favorite fruit drinks would qualify. But there is a special high school nostalgia over Welch's White Grape Peach juice.

What’s your favorite mention of a drink in song?

I kind of hate "The Pina Colada Song" so much I think I might secretly love it, but I legitimately love The Gourds' bluegrass cover of "Gin and Juice."

Roy Rogers, Arnold Palmer, and Shirley Temple are among people who have mixed drinks named after them.  What would a drink named after you contain, and what would each of the ingredients represent?

First of all, I don't think my name would make for a particularly catchy cocktail title. And I think I'd rather rename an existing drink than think up a new one. So the top contenders are:

1. The OMG! shot, which may be a Uijeongbu "foreigner bar" specialty. Bacardi 151, Everclear, a pint of shitty beer, and a shot of blue curacao (and more that I'm not remembering, certainly), set on fire, best consumed with the help of oven mitts.

2. The Long Island Iced Tea.

3. The Bullskey, which is almost certainly a hyperlocal specialty (being the favorite post-trivia beverage of a couple of my former bar trivia teammates): equal parts whiskey (a shitty one, preferably) and Red Bull.

Besides milk and cookies (’cause that’s really too easy), what are a food and drink that you must have together?

I usually just have water with most of my meals, so this one is tough. Most of the "pairings" I feel at all strongly about are Korean: pajeon and makgeolli, chimaek, soju and samgyeopsal.

I have stronger feelings about food combinations, though. I need something sweet with every meal, especially if it's something savory. I'm particularly fond of grapes alongside pizza. Otherwise I need a carton of pears on hand to go with any meal I have at home. If I'm out, I just wash things down with a lot of water. (This is apparently a very American thing to do: to drink copious amounts of beverage with food. But how else do you rinse the taste out?? You're weird, Europe.)

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