Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Five: Television

This week I'm borrowing from the old school Friday Five again! This time, the theme is television.

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What TV series have you watched every episode of?

This is probably going to be a short list. There's:
  • Trick
  • Jonathan Creek
  • Community
  • Jikou Keisatsu
  • The Queen's Classroom
  • Star Trek: The Original Series
  • [a whole crapton of anime I can't be bothered to remember right now]

Conspicuously absent from this list is....Mystery Science Theater 3000! Yes, that's right: I have yet to see every episode! There's like 190+, though, so I mean, it's a lot of work. (You'll note that most of the series on my list are fairly short.) Especially since I only started watching during Season 8, and there's new RiffTrax and Cinematic Titanic episodes to watch as well. But every once in a while JV and I like to relax with an MST3K episode neither of us has ever seen, so I'm making progress. One day I'll cross that goal off my 101 in 1001 list!

What are your favorite instrumental and vocal TV theme songs?

I think the Community theme song is really good! I need to get a hold of the full-length version and put it on my mp3 player.

I also really like the theme from the US version of The Office. I only watched a few seasons before I lost interest, but the show has a special place in my heart, set as it is in Scranton, PA. I'm not from Scranton—from where I grew up, it's a shorter drive into New York or Philadelphia than it is to Scranton, but Scranton is probably closer than either those ~culturally~, if that makes any sense. (Closer than New York in that regard, that's for sure.) I also drove through/by it on my way to and from college. (Yes, filmed in California, but nonetheless...!) Here's a full-length version for your consideration:

And finally, I like the first theme song (of many, probably) for Detective Conan. I was not at all surprised to hear that the band who performs it (The High-Lows) includes two guys from The Blue Hearts, who are awesome. (Linda Linda! Linda Linda Linda~~~~!)

What’s a TV series you stuck with even when it got bad?

These days I will ditch as soon a series as soon as it loses my interest or jumps the shark. The only exception is if I'm close to finishing the series, because in my heart I'm still a completionist. That said, I watched way more Boys Over Flowers than I enjoyed, really.

What supporting TV character would you like to have seen featured in his or her own spinoff?  If you’re feeling creative, what would be the premise of that series?

Spinoffs aren't really my thing, but I would love to see what Troy and LeVar Burton got up to on their boat trip!

What is the single funniest moment on TV you have ever seen?

I watch a lot of comedies so it's really hard to pick.

In retrospect it's not that funny, but one Saturday morning I was watching MST3K in the family room while Lawyer Mom sitting with me, folding the laundry. I still don't know if she particularly likes the show, but as long as it wasn't the dinnertime news hour she relented and let my brother and I, both huge fans, put it on the only nice TV in the house. (This was when it had two Saturday time slots on SciFi: 9 - 11 in the morning, and 5 - 7 in the evening.) The episode was the classic Space Mutiny, and there's a line that Tom Servo delivers as someone hobbles away from the firefight:

"Stay together, cheeks! Stay together!"

And Lawyer Mom and I looked at each other and couldn't. stop. laughing. I don't laugh that hard at the joke now, but it never fails to remind me of that moment with Lawyer Mom. Not funniest moment, but certainly the most memorable.

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