Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Find: Woolly Bear Affair

I've been enjoying having Friday 5 to do—it's nice to have someone else think of topics to write about once a week!—but the site I usually use is down and 5 Fandom Friday seems to be as dead as disco so I'm excited to bring back the ol' Friday Find and share with you: Woolly Bear Affair!

Billing her shop as cruelty-free bug collecting, Annie Konarska makes freaking ADORABLE clay bugs. Some of them are wearable, like this eye-catching moth:

Teal moth entomology bug jewelry necklace
Teal Moth Necklace by Woolly Bear Affair

Or this red beetle brooch:

Entomology sciart jewelry red beetle bug brooch
Red Beetle Brooch by Woolly Bear Affair

Others are actually collectible little specimens, complete with pin and name tag!

Entomology cute polymer ladybug bug collection
Ladybug by Woolly Bear Affair

If you want to get extra fancy, there are also display mounts:

Display Mount by Woolly Bear Affair

This bug's for you, entomologists!

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