Thursday, October 27, 2016

Newly Re-Listed Pi Focal Necklace in Jasper: Throwback Thursday

One of the many things I brought back with me from my trip to the US was my entire back catalog (as it were) of jewelry. Not only relatively recent-ish creations that Lawyer Mom had been holding on to (and graciously shipping) for me, but some real deep cuts. Alpha releases, in a way. Some of them are real ugly (and will be Six Million Dollar Man'd into something better); others I'm pleasantly surprised by. Either way, I have plenty of material for a few months of Throwback Thursdays!

This Thursday's feature is a more recent piece. This pi necklace is only a few years old, and is from the stash that Lawyer Mom had graciously taken care of (and occasionally shipped!) for me.

Pi mathart sciart focal necklace
Pi Focal Necklace by Kokoba
This tiny, minimalist designs have been all the rage recently. I know it's a fad, but like wrap bracelets, it's a trend I like. It's asymmetrical, which is not usually my thing, but there is something balanced in the asymmetry of this look that keeps me from going completely mental when I look at it.

Pi mathart sciart jewelry focal necklace
Action shot! // Pi focal necklace
The stones in this necklace are two different kinds of jasper: poppy jasper and fancy jasper. There are so many different kinds of jasper and I love them all!

Pi mathart sciart focal necklace jewelry
Close-up // Pi focal necklace

I don't have too many of this design up in the shop yet. I need to either buy more chain or sit and do some maille first, which is definitely limiting, but I love how this looks so I definitely want to prioritize it!

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