Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mission: Impossible: Bolo Ties

For years, bolo ties have been the butt of many jokes at work. They're probably the slowest-moving of the "mount it yourself" items—behind even the belt buckles!—and while you can blame our East Coast location for part of it, the official neckware of the state of Arizona (no, seriously) is not exactly the most understated of accessories:

bolo ties

eagle bolo

But recently our boss put a whole bunch of bolo slides (the "pendant" part) and tips ( on sale, which gave me a mission.

I'm bringing bolo back.

5 Reasons Why Bolos Are Cooler Than You Give Them Credit For

  1. They can work for either gender! Which means: great (graduation) gifts for men! Especially the men who have everything—unless they live in Montana or the Southwest, because then they probably already have a collection. But they could always use another!
  2. It's all the dressy factor of a tie without the hassle of knots or the sensation of being slowly choked to death all day!
  3. It's a great, uncluttered way to feature just one stone or piece you really like.
  4. Adjustable for every neckline and comfort zone. Wear it high up close to the collar one day, or loose and opera-length the next. This is perfect if you're anal-retentive like me about having certain lengths of necklaces with certain necklines on tops. One tie is so many options!
  5. They're already pretty unique; they can also be stylish and cute! The aesthetic style of the bolo is not limited to Southwestern/ultra manly designs. Check my latest (and most glamorous) bolo creation:

bolo tie malachite

Action shot:

bolo tie malachite

So they're not just for cowboys and Southwestern sheriffs anymore! I have two (the other, slightly more understated, isn't pictured) already and I'm working on a third. I'm giving you the heads up now: these are going to be huge. ;)

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