Friday, September 28, 2012

Foodie Friday: Caffe Bene and Grilled Cheese Social

I attempted the Caffe Bene garlic cheese bread I posted a couple of weeks ago. The final results were rather underwhelming so I'm not even going to bother posting it.

I realized about midway through that my idea was basically an inside-out grilled cheese sandwich. (I'm a bit slow on the uptake, sometimes.) What makes the Caffe Bene bread really good is the actual bread involved. It's a typical fluffy Korean dessert bread, which my "morning toast" bread from the grocery store couldn't quite replicate. I'm not going to even bother posting the recipe here because, well, it's grilled freaking cheese. However, mission not totally failed!

First of all, it was still delicious, even if different (and uglier) than the original. Second of all, prepping for it led to me cleaning out my refrigerator, which I desperately needed to do. Third of all, it reminded me that  Grilled Cheese Social exists.

I don't think I can properly articulate my love of grilled cheese, but it's safe to say that Mackenzie and I are probably on the same page. In retrospect, I realize it was really my undying love of grilled cheese that drove me to attempt to recreate this cheese bread in the first place. While I can't really try any of her  excellent recipes for a few more weeks (I need better bread), I scouted her archives for something approaching a grilled cheese version of the Caffe Bene bread. Lo and behold: Green Haze.

I will definitely be making this as soon as I get home to the land of delicious artisan breads. I love garlic, and I love gouda, although I won't be using her green pesto gouda, mostly because I stay away from anything pesto due to a pretty inconvenient pine allergy.

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