Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Mom's Basement member Michelle just wrapped up a giveaway to celebrate 100 sales (congratulations!) and who has two thumbs and won? This girl!

It was hard to pick a ring, though, because she has lots of excellent stuff. I LOVE the cross-stitched and embroidered rings, they look so unique. They are definitely conversation starters.

Kawaii Cross Stitched Gimbap Ring by FunWithNeedles
While I'm still not a fan of straight-up kim (the black seaweed you use to wrap gimbap), I have become a grudging fan of gimbap. But this guy is just too cute to eat!

Embroidered Metroid Ring by FunWithNeedles
I'm not a fan of the FPS genre. I just can't get spatially immersed enough to be able navigate the world and always end up running off a cliff or over/under-jumping. Nonetheless, Metroid has a special place in my heart because SEAMUS!

Cross Stitched Dalek Ring by FunWithNeedles

Ultimately, though, I had to go with her miniature Companion Cube. Now I can take it with me wherever I go!

Cross Stitched Companion Cube Ring by FunWithNeedles

But rings aren't the only things Michelle has. If your walls are blank, she has most excellent pop-culture inspired cross stitches. I hope she gets around to selling patterns, because I want to try a hand at making one myself. I'm a big fan of the "English, motherfucker, do you speak it?" one in particular. Crafty Lawyer Mom used to cross-stitch way back when I was single digits in age, and she even taught me how. Somewhere there is the Last Project she's not yet finished that I remember helping her on.

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