Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stashbuster: Avogadro in Lapis and Mother-of-Pearl

I'm trying to go through my bead box and clear out old stuff so I can make room for new stuff. I've been throwing together bracelets like a fiend because they are perfect for stashbusting moderate amounts of stuff. In this case, I had some gorgeous lapis I acquired at a sweet price years ago, but never used! I tilt heavily towards warm colors, and while I love the dark, saturated color of lapis lazuli in theory, for years it just never matched anything else I had.

avogadro's number chemistry bracelet in lapis and mother of pearl
Avogadro's Number in lapis lazuli and mother-of-pearl

Between this and one other bracelet, I used up my supply in its entirety! And while I firmly believe that beads are better off in finished products than they are languishing in a supplies box, I'm a little bit sad that my lapis is all gone now! I'm tempted to add lapis to my "rotation," as it were. The question is, can I afford it?

lapis lazuli beads
Lapis lazuli beads from Beadgirlzboutique
A fifteen inch strand? Of 6mm lapis? For $8.95? Perhaps I can find room in my budget for lapis after all!

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