Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tutorial: Sock Bracelet Display

Because I have a show coming up at the end of March, it's time to reevaluate my display options. I wasn't entirely happy with my past setup and felt I could improve on it a bit. I spent a few minutes browsing Pinterest for "craft show display ideas."

I found a few tutorials that were, well, needlessly complicated. I thank them for their inspiration, but seriously: too complicated, ladies! Here's my DIY Sock Bracelet Display.  I had one all done in about twenty minutes, and even then I could have saved a lot of time if I had bothered to use new, sharp scissors. Bonus points: you can make this a no-sew display, if you're smart about step 0.

Anyway, here it is: Kokoba's No-Fuss Sock Bracelet Display

Step 0: Materials, assemble!

sock bracelet display tutorial

Here is everything I used for my Sock Bracelet Display. In case it's hard to see:

  • One pair knee socks, in a color or pattern of your choice. (You can make this a no-sew project if you find tube socks, but I didn't.)
  • Stuffing.
  • Rocks, for weight (in the black plastic bag).
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread (to match the sock color).
Step 1: Prep the sock.

Cut off the foot of the sock, so you have a tube of fabric.

sock bracelet display tutorial

Step 2: Prep the scraps.

Cut a circle to fit your tube from the leftover scrap of foot fabric. If you bought tube socks, you don't need to do this. Unless, of course, you want your display to have a closed stitched end, in which case either find something in your stash that matches, or sacrifice the other tube sock.

Step 3: Sock, reassemble!

Pin and sew the circle to your sock. Don't forget to turn the sock inside out before you pin and sew!

sock bracelet display tutorial


You can sew up the other end as well, leaving a hole for the stuffing to be sewed up at the end. But well, in the parlance of the Internet:

Step 4: Stuff it like a turkey.

This step is self explanatory. I mixed in some gravel and pebbles in with the stuffing, to give the display a bit of weight so it wouldn't just roll around willy-nilly. Or perhaps that wasn't necessary. I'll have to conduct later experimentation on the other sock in the pair to find out! 

Step 5: ????

Step 6: Profit!

sock bracelet display tutorial

You'll see that I just knotted it off at the end, because I hate sewing and eschew it at very opportunity. I made sure to stitch up the cut end of the sock (the one closest to the foot), so that knotted end was the natural, neat-looking top of the sock. I might un-knot it to give it a "proper" stitched finish, or to add some more stuffing, but as it is I think it looks unique and presentable.

You can secure the bracelets with pins as necessary; you can also find a sock with a neat (unobtrusive) pattern if black isn't your thing. The only problem is that this is just a little too big to properly display my memory wire bracelets. Fortunately I still have another knee sock to mess around with!

There you go! Easy as pie, right?

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