Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Item Available: Geographic Coordinates Jewelry!

Inspired by a friend's upcoming wedding, I'll now be offering geographic coordinates jewelry!

Pictured above are an amethyst and chaorite necklace (about 22 inches in length) and an amethyst and chaorite double stand bracelet (about 8 inches in length). These are great commemorative gifts for when you want to remember specific place. In this case, the two places are the bar where my friend and her fiancé met (in Seoul, South Korea) and where he proposed to her (in Thailand).

I'm excited to be able to offer this design to you guys (why haven't I thought of it before?) and to be able to reach to an audience that might not have been interested in numbers jewelry otherwise. I also can't wait to make one for myself. The location? 37.7344,127.048907: where I lived in Uijeongbu.

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