Saturday, September 7, 2013

Science Saturday and Etsy Find: Elements: Experiments in Character Design

I pinned this without a second glance a while ago. "Cartoon representation of the elements, that's cool. Repin. Oh look, a funny meme!"

Periodically (PUN FULLY INTENDED DON'T YOU WORRY), I like to revisit my boards and actually visit the links I've collected. I often (re)pin on my phone or in a time crunch, so I think of Pinterest as a better way to bookmark stuff for later, when I'm at home or not partciularly busy. These cartoon representations of the elements were one such pin.

The cartoon art style is fun and modern, and most of the facts the artist chose to include with the character were interesting or at least memorable. (Is there nothing else to share about Einsteinium except that it was named for Albert Einstein?) What really blew me away, though, was the true diversity of the art across race, gender, size, and shape. For example, check out chlorine:

She has a butt! And thighs! Well, all humanoid cartoon characters do, but not quite so pear-shaped. Here are a few of my other favorites:

What I particularly like about the last two are the visual references to the code names for the bombs made from these respective elements ("Little Boy" and "Fat Man").

The greatest part is that the artist, Kaycie, has an Etsy shop where you can buy flashcards of these guys! She is looking into poster prints, too. I eagerly await the day I can have a framed print of antimony over my workspace!

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