Thursday, April 3, 2014

Just Listed: Full Adder Circuit Bracelet

I was cleaning out the bowels of my "jewelry pictures" directory when I realized: I had these gorgeous, touched-up photos of a bracelet done and I had never actually listed the damn thing. Oops!

Green Full Adder Circuit Computer Science Jewelry by Kokoba
Green Full Adder Circuit Bracelet

This is the bracelet based on Project Rae, which I finished up maybe two years ago? (My God, where does the time go?) As you may recall, Project Rae was the beaded representation of a full adder circuit, which in case you forgot, looks like this:

Here is a detailed breakdown of how the bracelet works. In the bracelet above, I opted to make all of the input values true—that is, equal to 1. This results in S and Cout being true as well. Like Project Rae and the original prototype, I opted to represent the output of each gate as well. The black plastic beads represent values of 1 and the faux pearls represent values of 0. As for the gates, the large green tubular bead is the OR gate, the larger (8mm) ocean jasper beads are the AND gates, and the smaller (6mm) fancy jasper beads are the XOR gates.

I like how the Full Adder Circuit Bracelet looks, with the draping chains and the multiple strands. It just takes a LOT of attention to detail to finish: the are the loops to wrap for each bead, then there's keeping track of which chain is attached to which bead and so on. All of that while making sure the design stays around the standard 7-inch length of a woman's bracelet. It goes without saying that the Full Adder Circuit Bracelet is one of the most difficult things I make on a semi-regular basis, so I price it accordingly.

Next up is a gold-toned necklace version, with aventurine and mookaite.