Friday, December 12, 2014

Five Fandom Friday: Presents I Want Santa to Bring Me

Honestly, at this moment in time the things on the top of my list are a laserjet printer and a heavy-duty laminator, but that's basically interesting and exciting only to me (oh, the thrilling life of a freelance English tutor). So putting aside practicality....

5 Presents I Want Santa to Bring Me

#1. A new apartment (and all of the new hobbies that would entail).

Haha, a girl can dream, right? Our apartment right now is cheap and conveniently located, but it is far, far too small to accommodate all of the hobbies of both myself and JV. Ideally we'd have an office for each of us (since we both do a lot of work from home) plus bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bath. (And a guest bedroom but let's not get carried away here.)

If I had my own space, I would be able to do a lot more with my jewelry: take better photos, get more work done, learn new skills. Plus, I could finally start moving the last of my stuff books from my parents' house over here.

I guess this one was a boring and practical choice, too. Sorry!

#2. A treadmill desk + a home gym.

I guess I know that I'm an adult now, because everything I can think of is so...dull. But I would die if, in the new apartment he brought me, Santa left me a treadmill desk and a home gym in my office. (And one for JV, too, ideally.) I don't like how much I sit all day, and I hear that once you get used to them, a treadmill desk is more comfortable than just sitting all day.

As for the home gym, weight training was always my favorite part of high school gym class. We had block scheduling in my high school, so we had four periods of 90 minutes each instead of whatever it is most high schools have. But that meant gym class was long enough that we spent half of it on some dumb sport (almost always volleyball, fucking volleyball) and then half in the weight room. The weight room was the best part and honestly it should have been the entire phys ed class. I think I might have actually enjoyed gym class, then!

In any case, you never know when the zombie apocalypse is going to strike. I'm never going to be the world's buffest, fittest person, but I'd at least like to survive the zombie apocalypse.

#3. Electric violin/piano (with headphone jack, of course).

One of the hazard of apartment living (which is a reality when you live in a city like Stockholm; a house is simply out of the question) is dealing with noise. JV and I both strive to be good neighbors, so an electric violin or piano (or both, Santa!!) is the perfect solution to "how do I practice without also irritating everyone within earshot?" Especially with the violin. That is not an instrument that fares well under beginner hands. And despite all the years I played in the school orchestra, I'm essentially a beginner.

#4. A personal assistant.

Paperwork is the worst. So are phones. I would love to never have to fill out a form, or make a phone call, or worry about this or that card expiring for the rest of my life. I don't care if it's an elf or a human or a troll or a goblin....just as long as it's someone who can get the job done.

#5. All of the jewelry supplies.

I mean this quite literally: a bag of holding with every type of high-quality beads, files, rivets, silk, pliers, steel-coated nylon, findings, etc. imaginable. There is nothing more frustrating than when I'm working on a design and I realize that I don't have enough beads left! I have yet to find a good bead shop in Stockholm (it's either high-end jewelry stores selling off bits of their stock, or cheap-o hobby shops), so that means I have to order FROM THE INTERNET, which simply does not have the same kind of immediate gratification. Plus there's so much I want to do with metals as well. If I could have a bag of holding to fit all the supplies, that would be the next-best thing to a new apartment.

What about you?


  1. Hahah I hope you get your new printer! Sometimes not so exciting gifts are the best. A few years ago I asked for a new vacuum for Christmas and it's awesome :P

    1. I guess being REALLY EXCITED about DULL, PRACTICAL gifts for Christmas means we're adults now. =P

  2. I want an electric violin so bad! I played in my younger days and want to play again. I feel you on practical gifts. That's why I like gift cards so much. I can use them at a later time for something I need and can't afford as opposed to something I want and can't afford. Getting old blows in that respect lol.

    1. Why can't a huge bag of money just all from the sky so we can have all the things we need and start get excited about fun Christmas gifts again? XP

  3. Replies
    1. And I could probably just pay him in socks!

  4. I totally get the practicing a musical instrument in an apartment. I feel bad, but at the same time, it is my home too! I just try to practice not too early or too late and not too loud. Luckily I've never heard either of my neighbors and so far no complaints. Good luck!

    1. We had a neighbor for a while who decided to take up saxophone, which is great (another instrument I played for years), and while they were diligent in their practicing, they never. got. better. Argh! Some apartment buildings just aren't as good at muffling and containing sound as others, I guess, and ours isn't too good. Hopefully yours is better!

      Plus I just am really embarrassed about how bad I am at the violin, hahaha. I'm pretty good with the piano; that one I would feel okay practicing "out loud."