Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Read Play Blog: My Gaming Wishlist

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My Gaming Wishlist

JV has a solid PS3 library. There is a short list of games in it that I still need/want to finish: Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Little Big Planet 1 & 2, Fallout New Vegas, 3D Dot Heroes, Bayonetta, Sengoku Basara, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting. (I've finished Ni no Kuni; I haven't hit 100% on the trophies or finished all the postgame content, but I beat the story, so I'm counting it as finished, even if I'm still grinding for 100%,  haha.) As a result, there aren't a whole lot of recent-ish releases that I'm desperate to acquire because JV already owns most of them. Instead what I could really do with are some of the few consoles we don't have.

JV has a Retron 3, which plays SNES, NES, and Genesis/Megadrive games, so we have a whole boatload of retro stuff covered. He also has a DreamCast, a GameCube, a PS2, a PS3, and an Xbox 360. Out of the ones we're missing right now, the one I would love to get the most is the Wii. Or Wii U, I guess. My brother got a Wii for the family soon after its release and I built up a small library of games. But because I was also moving around internationally soon after we got it (going back and forth between the US and South Korea), I didn't get to devote a lot of time to gaming after I graduated in 2008. As a result, I've missed most of the Wii library except Guitar Hero, No More Heroes, Ookami, Super Mario Galaxy, and Trauma Center. I have no idea what's out and available for the Wii U now, and I don't particularly care, but anything that plays Wii games is fine by me!

I've been even less diligent in keeping up with portable gaming. I have my GBA SP, and that's about it. I could use a DS and catch up on all the new portable games I'm missing out on. It finally feels like I have the time again! (Until classes and work both start again in January. Sigh...)

My recommendation

This is a stretch this month, I suppose, but I was just thinking the other day how Jade Empire is clearly the best game that BioWare has ever done (oh yeah, I went there) and how it's too bad we'll never see a sequel or even another game set in the same universe because they're too busy milking that Mass Effect cash cow. But maybe, someday, if we can all convince EA that it would make megabucks, we'll see another Jade Empire game. If you haven't played it, you should! It has probably one of the best combat systems ever devised.


  1. I didn't get a DS until last year, and I love it! Even though it was already old-ish at the time, I chose a DSi because there were a lot of older DS games I still wanted to play (and I had no intention of shelling out the money for newer games). Prior to that my newest handheld was the GBA SP too, hahah! That's awesome that you guys still have your older games and consoles. The oldest one I still have is a PS2, anything older are already busted :(

    1. I'm glad that JV was more with it when it comes to keeping the retro stuff because I totally failed. I have no idea where my DreamCast is these days, I gave the SNES away years ago, and the Genesis my brother bought secondhand broke after a few rounds of Disney's The Jungle Book.

      I mean, I guess that's what emulators are for....

      I'm afraid if I get back into portable gaming, I'll stop reading so often on the subway! I'm pretty sure I'll be happy to avoid the Pokemon games (too much timesuck for a completionist like me), but Phoenix Wright and Trauma Center~~~~!

  2. I have a ds, but the top screen is slowly dying and I can't afford a new one :(. Beside loving the portability of a ds and gameboy, I still prefer gaming on a computer and playstation, they have a bigger screen and usually better graphics. And I prefer a controler or keyboards in my hands.

    1. I'm definitely more of a console gamer, too, but my SP got me through a lot of dull classes in school. ;)

  3. OH wow.. you play some old school games! Love it. Those Little Big Planet games are so fun. In fact, I have the newest one on my list. I refuse to get a WiiU. The only reason I would get it anyways is for the new Zelda game. Nintendo just needs to sell Zelda.. then we could all play it on a much better system!

    Angela's Anxious Life

  4. I've never played Jade Empire, but I do like the box art. :D