Monday, January 19, 2015

Stash-Busting Pi Stackables

After my "twine-and-button" period, I sat down and threw together some memory wire bracelets:

All are pi.
I love memory wire, and sometimes when I love something I put off doing it because I feel like I don't deserve to do something I like? I don't know. All I know is that these bracelets are the first memory wire stackables I've made in over a year.

I love these little guys. They are a great sort of "mix-and-match" (though if they're pi bracelets, does that make them "mix-and-math"?) item. Wear them alone, punch them up with a plain chain bracelet or metal bangle, or make them part of a huge, eclectic boho look.

Note that I would not recommend using only memory wire bangles for that look, unless you have exceptionally skinny forearms.

They're fun to wear and they're fun to make, too. In particular, they're great for cleaning out the dregs of a bead supply. That green bracelet, for example: I was working on it when one of the round, lighter beads fell. JV and I looked for a while but couldn't find it, so I shrugged and continued. What are the odds I'll need it? I thought.

Turned out that I needed it.

I refused to let my frustration get the best of me, I snipped the end of the memory wire, taped it up so nothing would slide off, and sifted through my bead box to see what else I could use up. I ended up making that blue and yellow one you see above, and while fishing the blue beads (they are fiber optic glass, by the way) out from the chaos of a box that didn't quite survive international transport, I found one single light green bead.

SATISFACTION. And also: cool story, bro.

I still have plenty more beads to clear out, though. I need to make room for more Czech glass beads in my life. Which color combo do you like best out of the above? What do you usually wear? Your answers will help me think outside my bead box and come up with combinations I wouldn't have thought of otherwise.


  1. The clear and purple one is my favorite! Although I really like the richness of the green :)

    1. I didn't like the green so much at first (maybe I was frustrated with losing THAT ONE BEAD?) but it's beginning to grow on me. It's quite ~intense~ though, I think. Something I would save for St. Patrick's Day or Christmas or other green-themed holidays.

    2. Now looking again I think the green IS my favorite, but like you said it's a little intense hahah. Like, I wouldn't wear that one every day, only during holidays with greenish themes or if it matched with my outfit really great. And if anything you should love it because you eventually found THE BEAD and triumphed! Huzzah!

    3. I think the green one would have been a good complement to your Aquaman outfit! But yeah, definitely not an everyday look.